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Lianda Filter was established in 1998.We have produced sintered mesh filter since foundation. From 2005 and later, Lianda Filter has set up sintering furnace and sintered mesh production line and produced the sintered wire mesh by ourselves.

Our sintered mesh filters have been used in industries as food & beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, etc.

Sintered mesh filter elements in various shape

Sintered mesh filter media - Perforated metal sintered wire mesh

Sintered mesh filter media

Sintered mesh filter media is the sintered wire mesh used for sintered mesh filter elements.

Sintered mesh filter cartridges with Fin end fitting

Sintered mesh filter cartridges

Sintered mesh filter cartridges are cylindrical filter elements with end fittings.

Sintered mesh filter tubes - device filter

Sintered mesh filter tubes

Sintered mesh filter tubes are simple but efficient in particle filtration.

Sintered mesh filter strainers - with hole plate flange

Sintered mesh filter strainer

Sintered mesh filter strainers are the elements in strainer filters.

Sintered mesh pleated filter - DOE double end open

Sintered mesh pleated filters

Sintered mesh pleated filters have more filtration area than normal cylindrical filters.

Sintered mesh sparger aerator - cone shape

Sintered mesh sparger aerator

Sintered mesh sparger aerator is widely used in fluidizing applications.

Industries sintered mesh filter applied


Oil & Gas

Water treatement



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